There's understandably not much here yet, but expect various on-site links and whatnot in future. Until then, here's more offsite stuff and external links.

Site Description
Fur Affinity Page

Online gallery for my art and music. Updates regularly.

Weasyl Page

My other gallery for art and music. Updates less often.

Art Twitter

Another place I post my art and retweet inspiration.

Art Telegram

Yet another place I post my art, sketches and WIPs.

Soundcloud Page

Where I post my various audio scribbles and WIP music.

Bandcamp Page

Another place I post my music. Currently on hiatus.

Flight Rising Profile

Virtual pet site for breeding and collecting dragons.

Personal Tumblr

Where I reblog the odd meme or obscure junk. SOMETIMES 18+.

Cryptid Nerd Squad

Youtube gaming channel run by my friend group.

Fictionkin Dot Info

Forum and discord channel for the alterhuman community.

Paraphilia Support Alliance

A twitter account advocating for education and support regarding paraphiliac communities.

Midspace/Median Isle

Where I'll eventually post my science-fantasy/drama webcomic. WIP.


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